The Dude Abides

Getz-y was on the bench for last night’s game against Cleveland, but got the call in the bottom of the ninth to hit for Mr. Misty May.

After working the count to 3-2, Getz took a moment to stare at his bat before stepping back into the box against Joe Smith.

The count was 3-2, but Getz was thinking about The Dude.

Perhaps he was thinking about more than baseball.

USA Today had published an article about actor Jeff Bridges signing a record deal with Blue Note Records to work on a country album with T-Bone Burnett.

Like all white people, Chris is a fan of The Big Lebowski, the Coen brothers’ classic flick about a laid-back Angeleno who gets caught up in a bizarre series of adventures related to the kidnapping of a wealthy businessman’s trophy wife.

That was a funny movie, but Jeff Bridges didn’t do any singing in it.

Maybe Getz never saw Crazy Heart and is therefore unsure of Bridges’ singing ability. A lot of actors think they can sing, but even those Glee kids seem to struggle week to week and they were all cast to BE singers.

Maybe Getz has his own dreams about being a country singer and would rather be crooning on stage than facing 90mph fastballs.

Really, how can anybody think about getting on base when facing an identity crisis like this?

Chris would fly out on the next pitch and probably spent the rest of the game humming to himself.

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