Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

It’s been a rough week for the royals second baseman.

It was bad enough getting drubbed for 19 runs by the Indians, But he failed to get a hit after subbing in as one of the scrubs late in the game.

Here he is walking back to the dugout after a woeful pop up on the first pitch he saw in the fifth inning of Monday’s shellacking.

Our hero's head hung low when contemplating sunsets in Samoa.

But, perhaps he was thinking about more than baseball.

Maybe his mind was on the recent news that Samoa was going to hop the international date line at the end of this year.

For 119 years, Getz could always count on Samoa being the last place to watch the sun set each day.

Now the magic is gone. Samoa says it’s making the move to accommodate the fact that more business is done with Australia and New Zealand than the United States, and that chaps a midwestern boy’s hide.

Maybe someday, the USA will again be the kind of economic powerhouse that forces a small island nation to bend space and time so they can work together.

In Samoa, it is already tomorrow and that day has passed.

Getz would weakly line out to short stop in the eight inning to further illustrate his disgust with the world.

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