What is a Ding Dong Daddy?

The Royals lost another one yesterday, and despite his three hits and solid play up the middle, our second baseman seems more stoic than he should.

Getz isn't a fan of Vaudeville tunes.

Is it because the Royals have now lost five in a row? Is it because Mike Aviles gets all the chicks? Or, perhaps, is he thinking about more than baseball?

Maybe his mind isn’t on the string of stranded baserunners, but instead focused on the rash of poor city slogans that are popping up across the country.

Couldn’t Dumas, Arkansas do better than “Home of the Ding Dong Daddy?”

Like most of us, Chris sees himself as a copywriter without the connections one needs on Madison Avenue.

He wants to solve this crisis for the poor people of Dumas.

But, alas… he cannot come up with something better. In all honesty, what else does Dumas have besides the Ding Dong Daddy?

Getz resigns himself to seeing this terrible slogan every time the bus of whatever minor league team he plays for someday pulls into town.

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