Is Shifting Into “Park” Respectful Enough?

Chris had a tough game against the Mariners on Sunday, going 0-4 while the Royals failed to sweep Seattle.

Here he is after an error in the third inning on a tough grounder from Jack Wilson.

Getz was thinking more about caskets than grounders on Sunday.

Perhaps he was thinking about more than baseball.

Maybe Chris read this article in the LA Times about a funeral parlor in Compton that has set up a drive-thru viewing booth so mourners can more easily pay their respects to family and friends.

It’s a confusing new category of etiquette. How long do you park in front of a loved one’s display case? Are you obligated to wait until another car pulls up behind you. What if they are confused and think it’s an ATM machine?

Should you stay longer for those loved ones who are more important?

Maybe it’s okay to just slow down and give a quick honk of the horn if it’s some neighbor kid who you didn’t really know. Like, he always came by selling candy and you pretended you weren’t home. Do you have to make up for that now by idling for ten minutes on your way home from work?

Do you have to cut the engine? Now, you’re wasting gas on some kid who’s name you’re not even sure you remember correctly.

It’s a lot to think about when the Jack Wilson’s of the world are rocketing grounders at you on a Sunday afternoon.

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